Solvent - Quart


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For easy clean up and thinning. 

Use POR-15 Solvent when thinning POR-15 coatings for spray painting. It is precisely developed for use with POR-15 products, as regular solvents can contain moisture, which will affect the performance of POR-15 products.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add POR-15 Solvent gradually per coating instructions and stir thoroughly until desired consistency is obtained.

Cleaning Brushes & Rollers: Agitate brush or roller in product until all residue is dissolved. Press out all excess, wipe with a clean towel, and lay flat to dry.

Cleaning Spray Guns: Follow spray gun manufacturer's instructions.

Warning, Hazards and First Aid information is as on the back of the bottle.

Size: Quart = 946mL