Matte Clear Coat - Quart


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POR-15 Matte Clear Coat seals in any color or patina for a custom low sheen look with amazing results. POR-15 Matte Clear Coat is specifically designed to deliver an extreme level of resistance to scuffing, and be a leader in waterborne and even traditional matte clear coatings.

POR-15 Matte Clear Coat is formulated with a low VOC, Waterborne Polyurethane Clear Coat Technology that is silica free. POR-15 Matte Clear Coat has excellent weathering properties and can be used on any substrate that can be cleared with a traditional clear coat.

Low Sheen Protective Clearcoat
Consistent Sheen
Waterborne Polyurethane Clearcoat Technology
Burnish Resistant
Professional Use

Size: Quart = 946mL

Technical Data Sheet - POR-15 Matte Clear Coat
Safety Data Sheet - POR-15 Matte Clear Coat