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Replaces AP-120 Metal Prep

Achieve the ultimate clear finish on polished metal, using POR-15 Alloy Prep.

Alloy Prep is a water based metal prep specifically designed to achieve perfect adhesion to any metal surface, especially chrome or polished aluminum, and other reactive metals such as copper and brass, where good adhesion is often difficult to achieve. 

Specially formulated to be used with POR-15 2K Urethane Clear for the proper preparation of alloys and brass to keep that clean metal look.

POR-15 Alloy Prep is non-flammable with no noxious fumes.

Wear rubber or latex gloves when using. 

Size: 20oz. = 600mL

Info Sheet - POR-15 AP-120 Metal Prep
Safety Data Sheet - POR-15 AP-120 Metal Prep